10 Style Tips For Tall Women

Do you put in extra efforts to dress minimally to blend in the crowd? Is your tall stature, the reason behind it? Why would you want to do it, girl? You are made to stand out and be wowed by your clique! You tower over men and see them staring at you, so make it worth their while. Follow these styling mantras to charm the mob!

Shoes are Important


When you are taller than your counterparts (including men), people are going to check your feet to see if you are wearing heels! Yes, the first thought that comes to their mind when they see a tall woman is that she must be wearing heels. So your shoes are gonna get a lot of attention. Make sure you wear classy shoes no matter they are flat or heels.

Don’t Fear Heels


You heard us right! Just because you are tall doesn’t mean you can’t rock heels. They not only add length but also enhance your confidence and elegance. If tall celebs can carry them with grace so why can’t you? Drop this stereotype and walk in heels with your chin you to face the world!

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Over Sized Accessories


A large bag with a tank top or thick bracelet can add a lot of glamor to your outfit. Shorter girls might not be able to pull them off but tall girls sporting large accessories is so chic! But don’t overdo it, restrict yourself to one large accessory at a time. Check out a bracelet for women online and select the larger ones for the ultra stylish look!

Short Pants


Long legged women might have been through this at least once when their pants are shorter. You could make it look chic rather than undersized! Fold your pants a bit on the outside from your calves and add strappy heels. The job was done, you now look so pepped up with this new avatar!

Show off Your Skin


You’ve got lots of it, keeping in mind your long body. So it’s OK to show it off a bit. But the key here is to showcase only one area at a time or else you will end up looking vulgar! You could team up a backless blouse with leg covering skirts or jeans. Or might go for a short dress provided you are not sporting a plunging neckline.

Wide and Narrow


Don’t think that you will look manly while sporting over-sized clothes. You can pull off the look very well, after all, you are no less than a runway model! Prefer wearing only one over-sized garment at a time. Team up your skinny pants with a large jacket or maybe wear your wide legged pants with a spaghetti top!

Embrace 3/4 Sleeves: Long arms can prove to be a problem. Shirts that fit you properly might not be able to cover up your arms. Don’t get disheartened, go for 3/4 sleeves. They look perfect on slender long arms. You could also fold those ‘not so full sleeves’ to make them look chic 3/4ths!

Jump into a Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits look exceptionally fabulous on tall girls. Those slender legs in wide legged jumpsuit will create the required flair. You could opt for a one with a plunging neckline to balance out the ‘show and cover’ look! Just jump in a jumpsuit that screams of your style!

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Go Minimalist


The minimalist approach goes well for the tall ladies. You don’t need to adorn a lot of accessories to get the limelight. Your height will do the needful. Go for sober pieces that too not more than 2 in number. Look for stylish jewelry online India and grab subtle pieces to go with your outfits. A simplistic approach to accessorizing is more promising in your case to get the stares!

Hair Styling


“Tall girls should have long hair”, break this stereotype! If you are tall, you must have heard that sporting short cropped hair will make you all the more masculine. Short hair and tall height are traits that are associated with men but it’s not the same now. Tall ladies can rock any hairstyle, be it bob, beach waves or Rapunzel-like long hair. Don’t listen to anyone, just follow your heart!

It’s time to break the said and unsaid laws about being tall! Beat these stereotypes with your style and let your elegance speak for you! Being tall is not shameful, it’s time you face the world right in their face. More power to the tall girls out there waiting to live on their own conditions. You go, girl!


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