How To Team Up A Scarf With Your Outfit

Scarves add flair even to the dullest of outfits. Wearing a boring dress, don a colorful scarf over it and Wallah! A style queen has emerged! They are an easy way to spice up your look. But it’s tricky as well, a wrong pairing can result in a fashion disaster! Oh no! Scary right? Trying to look stylish but end up becoming the laughing stock, ever happened? Gone are those days when we didn’t have guides to fashion, apart from the monthly magazines of Vogue and GQ! Fashion tips are just a click away and so is your chance to dazzle the world with your iconic style statement! So here we bring to you some styles to exhibit that ultra-mod piece of fabric!

Beach Chic


Have frizzy wavy hair? Totally unmanageable in the cool breeze of the beach? Push off your hair by a colorful scarf and add style to your simple beach dress simultaneously! The scarf cum headband will add to the funky and relaxed look for the beach party without much fuss. Look for cheap scarves for women to do the magic job!

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If you are the perfect delicate woman, who loves frills and soft textures, this is the right style for you. Soft fabric, soothing floral prints, long rectangular cut scarf, team it up with sheer or frilly blouses and let it wave its magic! Though it might not work for everyone as it might look “over” but ladies who don’t mind some fuss can carry it with grace!

Colorful yet Minimalist


Neon colors and bright shades are in but you are afraid to carry a colorful outfit that still wanna look stylish? Instead of the whole bright outfit, go for a neon scarf over your regular tee. It will add color to your look and won’t make it look overdone! But make sure the rest of the outfit is fuss free! Let your scarf make a statement!

Bohemian Chic


Relaxed, free spirit and off beat. If that describes you, this is the style you should go for! Scarves turned into headbands reflect the hippie fashion! The bohemian style has always been in and will remain so. If you feel comfy while carrying the hippie style only then plunge into the vast bohemian style of dressing!

Modern Classic

Modern Classic.jpg

Don’t want to look overdone? Wanna keep it clean, simple yet stylish? Go for the classic look by teaming your leather jacket and denim with a subtle scarf. Leather and denim go very well together and never look overdone, just add a simple plaid pale scarf to it and get an edge over the leather donning ladies!

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Classic Leopard


Leopard print is easy going and makes you look stylish yet simple! When teamed up with a regular pair of jeans and tees, they can transform the look and make you look steaming! But it doesn’t suit each and every woman. If you feel right in your skin, only then go for it else stay clear of it! Go online shopping for fashion scarves and grab these pieces!


red scarf.jpg

Dressed in the regular black-white style but find it dull? Don’t worry! Throw a monochrome scarf with a tinge of a bright color around your neck and it’s sorted! Red for that matter acts like a feather in your cap when added to your monochrome look. Red lips to go with it will make you ramp ready! You can also pair it up with shades matching your facial features to complete the look.

We hope these scarf styling tips have inspired you. Can you get more value for your money than this? After all, it saves you money from not buying too many clothes. Go on what are you waiting for? Buy scarves for women online and get a fresh look with the same clothes every time!


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