Hidden Reasons To Wearing Jewelry

Elegance, panache, grace are all a woman ever wants to showcase through her style. Dressing impeccably, adorning complimentary accessories and stepping into the right shoe are stages that every woman goes through to attain the ‘diva’ title! In this entire procedure, clothes and shoes are a necessity but accessories, are they? We all know a simple piece of jewelry can glam up your look but some women skip this stage considering it unnecessary. We are here to convince such women to adorn jewels for reasons other than style! That’s not the shocking part ladies. What will surprise you is the fact that jewelry has an impact on your health! Don’t believe us? Read on and find out for yourself!

Maang Tikka


This jewel is more than 2 centuries old but has not failed to allure ladies into donning then even today. They have a certain level of intrigue that makes them so much in demand. But did the queens slipped them on only for their mesmerizing beauty? There is more to them. They are known to enhance blood circulation and healing power! They are also helpful in keeping negative energies at bay. You got more than enough reasons to invest in this number *winks*!



This one has made its way to every woman’s jewel box. It is among the basics of a style collection. When teamed up correctly, they can do wonders to your look! Nothing new till now, right? The catch here is that earrings connect well to your cervix, kidney, and brain. They play their part in making your kidney and bladder healthy. So ladies, pile up your collection by searching for fashion earrings online India, after all, they are fixing your kidney!

Nose Ring

nose ring.jpg

The heavy ornamental nose rings have embarked their presence on the Mughal era. They were a part of the Mughal traditional costume but had its wings spread to other cultures as well. They have changed in style and size ever since to make their way up to your nostrils! Shying away from this jewel? Knowing that it helps to ease menstrual and childbirth pain (when worn on the left nostril) may make you reconsider!

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Mangal Sutra


It’s not a mere token of your married life. The black beads in it, do actually ward off bad vibes of the surrounding. Our ancestors were pretty aware about the properties of the things they ensured were worn by us, ladies! Apart from this, it also has an impact on our blood pressure and blood circulation. It ensures a balanced flow of blood. It is a rising trend among ladies and now you’ve got all the more reasons to wear this for your husband *winks*!



They are the first preference of any lady to take the traditional quotient of their look a notch higher while donning an indo-western dress! The colorful ornament resting on your wrist has more to it than sheer elegance and charm. They have a ‘hand’ in maintaining blood circulation levels! Wear bangles and have a healthy blood flow along with looking graceful. Sounds like ‘two birds with one stone’ situation!



Engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger, why? We have all heard that the nerves of this finger directly reach your heart and you connect better to the person who crowned your finger! We don’t know how much of this is true but the fourth finger has a connection to the brain for sure. Wearing a ring on this finger improves the health of your brain. Heart and brain, both tackled by just one ring, amazing! So look for trendy rings online India and uplift your health!



Another age-old tradition of wearing anklets has a health reason attached. Silver was the only metal that was used to fabricate this delicate jewel but things have changed in the modern scenario. Gold, bronze, titanium, etc have somewhat replaced silver in this industry. Silver was used because it is an amazing source to eliminate negative energy. I am beginning to believe our oldies were all medics! I guess its time to get back to our roots!

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Toe Rings


Silver carved into small intricate designer toe rings have their relevance in north Indian weddings. The bride sports this ornament as another symbol of marriage. Apart from this role, these rings have another function to perform. The elderly people could foresee the need for a healthy menstrual cycle and reproductive organs, so they imposed this rule of wearing toe rings on the brides. What, don’t believe us? True, these toe rings can actually revitalize your reproductive organs!

The secret aspect to wearing traditional Indian jewelry is all decoded! Never thought there could be a scientific reason to wear jewelry. It has always been a style statement for most of us, but our reasons might change now. For those who shy away from jewelry, give it a second thought!


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